Construction Of A Dam Embankment With Nonstationary Queues


This paper presents the simulation model for a project involving the haulage and placement of rip-rap for the construction of a dam to illustrate how traffic-related queues are created at locations determined dynamically at simulation runtime. This example also investigates the formation of moving queues of equipment that cannot pass each and travel together like a procession or a convoy. The solution to this problem is outlined conceptually using the activity-scanning modeling paradigm and is described in detail using a simulation model developed in STROBOSCOPE.


Photios G. Ioannou

Civil & Environmental Engineering Department

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2125, U.S.A.



STROBOSCOPE, construction, simulation, modeling , dynamic, animation, dam, embankment, earthmoving, loader, hauler, traffic, queue, activity scanning.


Ioannou, P.G., "Construction Of A Dam Embankment With Nonstationary Queues," Proceedings, Winter Simulation Conference 99, 921-928, Phoenix, Arizona, Dec. 5-8, 1999