Simulation of Complex Construction Processes


Eight successively refined simulation models for the earthmoving operations involved in the construction of a dam and competing for passage over a bridge provide the foundation for illustrating the ease and effectiveness of modeling complex construction processes by using STROBOSCOPE a modern simulation system based on a programming language that follows the activity-scanning paradigm. This approach and the use of characterized resources in a stochastic environment make the typical engineering calculations for heavy equipment performance relatively easy to implement and significantly more realistic and accurate.


Photios G. Ioannou & Julio C. Martinez

Civil & Environmental Engineering Department

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2125, U.S.A.



STROBOSCOPE, construction, simulation, modeling , animation, earthmoving, dam, equipment, bridge.


Ioannou, P.G., Martinez, J.C., "Simulation of Complex Construction Processes," Proceedings, 1996 Winter Simulation Conference, 1321-1328, Coronado, CA, December 8-11, 1996.