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CEE 431. Construction Contracting

Prerequisite: senior standing. I, II (4 credits)

Construction contracting for contractors, architects, owners. (1) Organization and administration; industry structure; construction contracts, bonds, insurance. (2) Planning, estimating, and control; quantity takeoff and pricing; labor and equipment estimates; estimating excavation and concrete; proposal preparation; scheduling; accounting and cost control. Students use contract documents to prepare detailed estimate.

CEE 536 (MFG 536). Critical Path Methods

Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing. I, IIIa (3 credits)

Basic critical path planning and scheduling with arrow and precedence networks; project control; basic overlapping networks; introduction to resource leveling and least cost scheduling; fundamental PERT systems.

CEE 631. Construction Decisions Under Uncertainty

Prerequisite: A course in probability or statistics such as Stat 310 or Stat 311 or SMS 301. II (3 credits)

Decision making under uncertainty involving big decisions, big outcomes, big money, multiple impacts (financial, engineering, system, environment), multiple decision makers, repercussions over space and time, exploration, value of information, attitude towards risk (risk aversion), and even ethics. CEE631 addresses all disciplines in CEE, from Infrastructure Systems to Environmental Engineering, and examines decisions from all areas of large CEE projects. Example applications are drawn from transportation, bridges, tunneling, water supply systems, environmental impacts, public policy making, etc. Construction project and organization decisions for the uncertain future. Selection of construction method, equipment, contract, markup, and financing alternatives having the highest expected values. Uses decision theory, competitive bid analysis, probabilistic modeling and simulation, and multiple regression analysis in managing construction.

CEE 930. Engin Process Modeling and Risk Analysis

Desirable Prerequisite: Probability or statistics (3 credits)

Engineering complex systems, models and simulation. Probabilistic aspects of simulations. Data collection and selection of input distributions. Design of experiments, input and output analysis and interpretation. Random number generators, variate and process generation. Monte Carlo simulation models. Activity cycle diagrams. Cyclone-EZStrobe-Stroboscope networks. In-depth examination of discrete-event simulation systems. Variance reduction techniques, antithetic sampling, common random numbers. Simulation and optimization. Parametric analysis. Single system output analysis and multiple system comparison. Hands-on model development using Stroboscope, EZStrobe, ProbSched, Risk-Solver-Platform, Simtools, and YASAI. Animations using Proof-Animation, Vita2D and Vitascope++. Applications from on-site construction, off-site manufacturing, tunneling, earthmoving, mining, land, air, and marine transportation systems.